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Massage World: Since the mind is gone, the body is in pain. So around the world the massage industry is booming, from airport massage bars and upscale spas to risqué outcall and down-market parlors. The word massage itself has always resonated with magnetic fields of ambiguity, by turns holistic and erotic but always vibrant. 

Always zesty and at times dark and madcap, Massage World, a postmodern, multicultural thriller, is about one driven massage therapist, Ingrid Swanson, opening a straight, grandiose health spa (Massage World) against the wishes of a wild man from the wrong—but dark, fascinating, complex—side of the industry who endeavors to take her business over through massage wars where a corrupt undercover vice detective solicits unlawful massages transcribed in delirious police reports then manipulates zany media coverage which incite a neighborhood organization to picket and protest and so much more.  

Until the cavalry comes in the form of a lesbian biker gang... The war of the sexes writ large.

“Massage World, a good lurid, eye-catching title for a real romp of a story. Very cinematic with a canny and calculated construction. A real pot-boiler. Something for everyone.  Motion, exotic settings from here to Japan, conflict galore and kinkiness with and without aromatic oils” —James Johnson, novelist, professional photographer and fellow M.F.A. grad.  

“Intricate erotic massage is at the center of Massage World which is spiced with a difficult-to-define gangsterism. It’s disturbing, engaging, and decisively original.” —Harold Jaffe, Editor of Fiction International

“It’s a story bursting with eccentric energy.” —William Luvaas, winner of the Huffington Post’s 2013 Book of the Year award.

“Peopled with a rogues gallery of Japanese and SoCal crime figures, bar flies, sex workers, lesbian biker chicks, and more, Massage World combines gritty realism, lurid sensationalism, and darker-than-black comedy to conjure up a phantasmagoric vision of a world in pain.” —Larry McCaffery, author notably of Some Other Frequency: Interviews with Innovative American Authors 

Eric Madeen’s writings have appeared in such diverse publications as TimeAsia WeekThe EastDaily YomiuriTokyo JournalKyoto JournalMississippi ReviewJapanophile and All Nippon Airways’ WINGSPAN. His first novel, Tanga, was inspired by a two-year stint in the Peace Corps in Gabon, Africa and garnered nominations for AWP and L.A. Arts Council awards. He is currently associate professor of modern American literature at Tokyo City University and adjunct professor at Keio University. His website is at

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