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TANGA, a novel of forbidden love set in a rain forest village in the heart of Africa

Eric Madeen’s writings have appeared in such diverse publications as TimeAsia WeekThe EastThe Daily YomiuriTokyo JournalKyoto JournalJapanophileMississippi Review and All Nippon Airways’ WINGSPAN. His first novel, Tanga was inspired by a two-year stint in the Peace Corps in Gabon, Africa and garnered nominations for AWP and L.A. Arts Council awards. He is currently associate professor of modern American literature at Tokyo City University and adjunct professor at Keio University. You can contact him at

Other writings

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“Intricate erotic massage is at the center of Massage World, which is spiced with a difficult-to-define gangsterism. It’s disturbing, engaging, and decisively original.” — Harold Jaffe, Editor of Fiction International

“It’s a story bursting with eccentric energy.” — William Luvaas, winner of Huffington Post’s 2013 Book of the Year Award.

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Massage World is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Also, check out my other novels: ANYONE FOR TENNIS? Lobbing It Up in the Land of the Rising Sun (Kindle Edition) and Tanga (Amazon, Barnes & Noble).


Latest novel: Massage World

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