Month: September 2021

New Novel Published!

new novel
new novel

Eric Madeen’s new novel is here!

“Madeen’s exuberant prose whisks the reader through the trials and tribulations of tennis enthusiast David Adams, a big, blustery American university lecturer on a limited contract, struggling to make his way and maintain his dignity within the constraints of Japan, as he deals with archrival K. Many of David’s misadventures are laugh-out-loud funny, but there is enough truth within these pages to make a long-term foreign resident wince. This is a rollicking read sure to entertain!” — Suzanne Kamata, author of THE BASEBALL WIDOW

“While I came into it expecting a cringy sports novel I was amazed at its wit and insight into Japanese culture, layered deeply and transcribed brilliantly in all its idiosyncracies. The characters, particularly the professor’s wife, are endearing. Tennis Clubbed is breathtaking tennising across cultures …” — Scott Collins, Mount Airy, North Carolina

Tennis Clubbed, Snubbed and Rubbity-Dub Dubbed is available on Amazon as paperback and ebook.

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