“Water Drumming in the Soul” First Novel Published

water drumming

Water Drumming in the Soul is a novel I won’t soon forget, which is the highest compliment I can pay an author. Eric Madeen’s richly developed characters and superbly built world drew me in and didn’t let me go. I could especially feel David’s dedication, frustration, and pain, and while, by the time I reached Part 2, I thought I was going to end up disliking Assam, the story was woven so beautifully and realistically that I was even able to ‘get’ her. I wasn’t, however, bargaining for needing quite so many tissues! That’s a good thing, too, though. In my opinion, this novel is on par with works by whom we consider masters…Hemingway definitely comes to mind. So very highly recommended!” — Elizabeth Montaño, author notably of The Eternal Dawn Trilogy

“We are at once inside David’s head … as well as in the head of Assam, an extraordinarily beautiful black woman. Her mind informs us about her world of myths, witches, spells, taboos, beauty, customs and so much more. The story is spellbinding as pain, illness, weather, emotions, myths or reality, loneliness, friendship, understanding, and kindness collide and spin the characters … A remarkable description of the complexities of life far from home for one and right at home for the other.” — Reviewed for Peace Corps Worldwide by Sue Hoyt Aiken, RPCV (Ethiopia)

Water Drumming in the Soul is available on Amazon as paperback and ebook.

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  1. Stan Kellenberger

    I still remember the great enjoyment I had reading the original publication of Eric’s first book. His development of the characters and the plot was very captivating and memorable. I cannot recommend a book more highly!

  2. naji

    I loved the book so much! I was hooked from the beginning of the story I loved the main character (David), watching him encounter a traditional village was interesting. I was fascinated (and repulsed) by its mores, customs, and I liked how the cultural difference was presented, It’s hard to find balance when you dive into a new culture as David did, you usually get lost between adaptions and compromises
    I liked zocka-zocka and his encounter with the white devil !!
    finally, the thing I loved the most in this book was how some scenes were described in detail which enhanced my experience

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